Are you ready to explore and realise your full potential?

actio is latin for action. With continuity and repetition each and everyone of us can unfold our full potential. Actio gives you access to a wide range of different live coaching sessions and classes, with a promise of sustainable results. Nutrition, mindfulness, creativity and fitness are just a few of our options. In which part of your daily life have you always dreamt of building a routine or need a motivational nudge? Choose your perfect class inside our verticals body & mind and kickstart your new way of life.


This vertical is all about physical activation and taking good care of your body with fitness and yoga. Push through your limits and go all out in classes such as “Hyperactio” or flow serenely through our “Flex & Flow” vinyasa yoga. This is your chance to try something new, from the comfort of your own home, no fancy gym clothes needed!

Slow release
Flex & flow
Strong stretch

Body coaches


Improve and strengthen your mental health by exercising and training your mind in our meditation classes. Get to the bottom of where some of your feelings actually stem from in classes such as “Body Scan” or learn how to get off that feelings-carousel and to live in the present in “Soft Focus”.

Body scan
Care & love
Soft focus

Mind coaches