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Our Vision

The system that sticks!

Our vision is to create an audio and video based app that puts the activation of our customers at the center of attention. We believe in live communities and expert networks that are connected and orchestrated through our innovative platform.

Behaviourial change can only happen if people experience the right set of motivational factors. actio sets up this digital enabling, motivational strategy for you.

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Our Technology

This call could change your life

We believe that real human connections can achieve more, thus we connect our global community with real coaches. Live, in a call - anywhere and anytime. We position ourselves as a motivational support system for anyone who wants to build a routine.

Our groundbreaking mobile, coaching app enables coaches to communicate with a large pool of users at once, digital and live. We seek to democratise the coaching sector with our one of a kind coaching software.

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Our Founders

We are our best customers.“

Nikita Fahrenholz and Daniel Stahlkopf are the founders of actio: both are highly experienced in the tech field and are always striving to constantly improve themselves. Delivery Hero and foodspring are just two of their successful projects.

Their goal is to create a platform, democratise professional coaching and make it affordable for everyone.

Meet Nikita & Daniel


Nikita Fahrenholz CEO & Founder

Nikita Fahrenholz has been a renowned e-commerce entrepreneur for over a decade, on top of this also being an investor for 25 other startups. He co-founded market leaders such as Delivery Hero and BOOK A TIGER.

One of his most recent endeavours is Fahrengold. At Fahrengold he is both founder and CEO, developing avant garde storage system for collectors cars. At actio, which is his youngest passion project, he also takes over the role as founder and CEO


Daniel Stahlkopf - CPO & Co-Founder

Daniel Stahlkopf is a former athlete and back in the day even part of the national league for speed skating. These days he is still game for any sporty challenge.

He has a daughter and a son while having accumulated ten years experience in the digital product management, being the product director at delivery hero and CPO at foodspring.